Design Systems International

We’re a design studio who uses code as our primary material. We turn ideas into experiences, create visual systems, and improve workflows.

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Our diverse backgrounds enable us to take a uniqueapproach to each project.

Backgrounds in Computer Science, Graphic Design, Cognitive Science, and Interior Design power our fresh and unique perspective, while a shared passion to explore, learn, and create unique visual solutions unites us.

We use code as a material because it allows us to explore new visual possibilities and move quickly—translating ideas into prototypes, visual identities into workflows, and design systems into custom design tools.

We design compelling visual systems and develop accompanying tools to support design workflows.

We partner with organizations — from startups to leaders of their industries — to tackle the complex challenges of digital product development.

We help design, build, and validate new concepts by testing them on real-world users.


We are a global team of good people.

  1. Dana Elkis
  2. Esteban Sandoval
  3. Fernando Florenzano
  4. Lauren Dukes
  5. Lucas Nolte
  6. Martín Bravo
  7. Rune Madsen
DSI was founded 1954 days ago. You can find us in New York, Copenhagen, Santiago de Chile, and Aachen.
442 Lorimer St Ste D PMB 5034
Brooklyn NY 11206
United States